Changing weather conditions as well as day and night travel require special eye support for drivers. Our offer includes lenses which, thanks to specialized coatings and dyes, will significantly increase the comfort and safety of driving by providing adequate UV protection, reducing dangerous glare or brightening the image. In our showroom, drivers can choose from a wide range of corrective and sunscreen lenses that improve driving comfort even in the most unfavorable weather conditions:

  • polarized sunglass lenses that eliminate bothersome glare caused by the reflection of sunlight from a flat surface, e.g. a wet road surface,
  • specialized photochromic lenses that also dye inside cars (standard photochromic lenses do not darken in rooms or vehicles),
  • specialized corrective lenses (or so-called "zero glasses") for night driving. Special coatings applied to the lens effectively eliminate the dangerous reflections of the headlights of oncoming cars or roadside lamps. Drivers driving at night notice not only a significant elimination of glare, but also an improvement in contrast,
  • specialized lenses for driving in difficult weather conditions, such as fog, rain or twilight. The lenses brighten the image and improve contrast, making it easier, among others distance assessment. A special coating can also be applied to photochromic glasses,
  • lenses which are a combination of specialized photochromic lenses (those tinted also inside vehicles) with polarized lenses. These lenses will not only dye on the outside, but also inside the car. Additionally, they also have a polarizing filter that eliminates dangerous reflections on flat surfaces. Lenses are perfect for people who ride during the day and who value safety and comfort - these are 3 in 1 lenses (corrective lens + sun protective lens + lens with a polarizing filter).